"Suffering the Slings and Arrows of Outrageous Fortune"

Ring Splint Saga

Today we are waiting to see about the state of the ring splints which are being ordered for Em. Shouldn’t be difficult but, for some reason, everything is. Our insurance agreed to pay for them – at least the 3 our OT requested. Em actually needs a splint for all 3 joints on every finger – so that would be 30 splints. At around $100 a piece, it would be lovely for insurance to pay for them!

So, even though insurance has agreed to pay for them – they won’t let OT order them. I guess maybe this is a special thing and was approved since my husband is an employee. Anyway, they are being ordered through purchasing and there seems to be a snag. I will refrain going into details, particularly since I don’t really know all the details but there is no reason for the delay in my opinion.

This is just another example of how something simple ends up being ridiculously complicated. We have been waiting since June to get to the point of ordering ring splints. I read about them in my research early on and knew they were exactly what Emily needed. She cannot cut her own food, play guitar, type or write without dislocating her fingers. This is about a 12 year old being able to function.

Even though I knew we needed the ring splints in June, we had to get to a pediatric rheumatologist – that was a long journey and a fight with insurance. We had an appointment at Cincinnati Children’s that had to be cancelled, then we were able to go to Riley Children’s August 29. Then, when they couldn’t help us, we got to go to Cincinnati to Dr Ting. Got referrals to PT and OT. Have been going to OT since September and only now are starting the process of ordering ring splints. It is incredibly frustrating because every moment that passes, my child gets weaker and struggles more. I was hoping to already have the ring splints on her hands by this time but there are so many hoops to jump through.

I hope the splints are worth the wait, but I also know they will be just the very minimum of what she needs. They are not going to solve her problems – additional splints need to be ordered and who knows how much time that will take!

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