"Suffering the Slings and Arrows of Outrageous Fortune"

Today our homeschooling group had a bowling party. Of course, Emily was not able to bowl – she was in her wheel chair today and her fingers, wrists, elbows and shoulders couldn’t have tolerated the strain of bowling anyway. So, she sat and watched while her friends bowled. I don’t think she was terribly upset but it is always a bit sad for me when I watch her sit out while her friends have fun.

The good thing is that Emily has a great group of friends who are nice to her and take care of her without upsetting her. Two of the older girls ‘bowled’ for her so, somehow, she ended up with the second highest score of the group. Not quite sure how that worked but it was sweet of them! I am so thankful for the kids who accept her for who she is and draw her into the group. One of the older girls has even made a facebook page to raise awareness about EDS and support Emily. We are blessed to have such a great support system.

Emily had a terrible headache when she woke up this morning – as usual – but seemed to manage the noise and crowd pretty well. One of the little ones had a balloon and Emily had a bit of a latex reaction, even though it was across the room. The bowling alley was technically wheel chair accessible – a very steep ramp into the building. Challenging to push her up, downright scary going down. Once we got in the building, it was fine. She said she had fun though, so I am glad we went – not that we have a choice with me being Administrator of the group!

Still haven’t heard an update about the ring splints – hopefully, they are properly ordered and will arrive soon! Sometime soon I will put on a link or pictures of ring splints…


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