"Suffering the Slings and Arrows of Outrageous Fortune"


Whenever Emily does anything that requires energy, she pays for it – often for days afterwards. Bowling yesterday was good – even if she didn’t actually bowl. She got to be there, hang out with the other kids and it wasn’t something she was really dying to do anyway, so she seemed ok with not actually bowling. When the group goes skating, that may be a different situation and we will cross that bridge when we come to it. Her life has distilled down to the point that we are grateful for the small things. So, bowling was good.

But, even though bowling was good, she is paying for it today. She was already in significant pain. She had a bad headache. Had to get up early (for her) and ride in the car for the half hour trip to the bowling alley. Then she was surrounded by 75 or so very loud people having a great time for several hours. That kind of energy expenditure costs.

Today, it was 2 o’clock before she got up. She dreamt that she broke her leg – woke up to find her shin aching, apparently her pj pants were hurting her? Didn’t sleep well. Hurts all over today – I can’t touch her anywhere without making her flinch. Terrible headache again (still). Hurts too much to do anything but her brain is bored and tired of being cooped up.

So, even a good thing like a day out, hanging out with friends and having fun has a price.

On a more positive note, apparently the ring splints have been ordered and we should get them fitted by the end of this week- if all goes well.


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