"Suffering the Slings and Arrows of Outrageous Fortune"

Well, turns out I was wrong to assume that our appointment next week with Gwen was to get our shiny ring splints. It is indeed an appointment to remeasure her. Somehow – and I am not entirely clear how – we did not get all of the sizing information needed, so we have to go back and try again. Now we will be lucky to get them before our visit to Dr. Tinkle. It is frustrating but nothing to do about it.

And besides, since she is not capable of doing much at the moment due to the dizziness, nausea and fatigue, I guess the splints are not vital anyway. A week ago the ring splints seemed like the most important thing in the world. Now, for some reason, getting them promptly or not pales in comparison to the idea of Chiari/cranial instability and other related icky stuff that could require brain surgery.

Yesterday, Em couldn’t stay awake. Today she was up at 6, feeling nauseated and unable to go back to sleep. She did finally fall back asleep on the couch so we will see how she does the rest of the day. There are 6 inches of freshly fallen snow and she will only be able to enjoy it from the window. 😦

On the upside, we cancelled Co-op today because of the weather, so I didn’t have to figure out what to do if she wasn’t able to go. Hate to miss again but no one needed to be out in this weather.

(note to self: Em’s HR was 140+ last night after her shower. It was actually more than that, because it was almost to fast to count. I lost it somewhere around 130 and the 30 seconds wasn’t  nearly up)

Popping back in to add that Em has had a marginally better day. By better, I mean more awake.  Woke her up around 3, she was very grouchy with a terrible headache but she stayed awake for the rest of the day. The nausea is preventing her from eating much. Today all she has eaten was a handful of pretzels and a couple pieces of chocolate bar, a couple bites of ramen noodles, part of a can of cherry limeade, a ham & turkey sandwich from Subway, a few chips, some Coke and a small bowl of ice cream. She was hungry but couldn’t even hear me make suggestions of what she could eat without feeling like throwing up. All in all, though, a somewhat better day. She was up moving around a bit, straightened up the living room and took a shower. Still very dizzy and nauseated with a terrible headache. Her pulse seemed to be a little more stable today – still fast when upright but more manageable than yesterday.

I think I am going to keep a record of what she eats, her pulse and symptoms so I can show the dr if needed. I suspect we are going to have to push for answers and we might need all the help we can get…


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