"Suffering the Slings and Arrows of Outrageous Fortune"


After initially demanding sedation for her MRI, Em did fine without it. In fact, she actually enjoyed it. Wanted to go back in for more – she enjoyed laying quietly and watching TV while in the machine. That child amazes me sometimes! At any rate, I am just glad it went well and we just have to wait for the results. With any luck, we will hear from the doctor tomorrow.

I still am not expecting any conclusive results. But any hint of Chiari or brainstem compression will confirm my thinking. I really hate just waiting. I want to know now. And I want to fix it now. Unfortunately, that is not the way the medical system works. I just wish my kid didn’t have to suffer so much in the meantime.

On a brighter note, Em seems to be feeling better today. She said the MRI made her headache better, at least temporarily. I don’t even have an explanation for that. She also ate some breakfast at Frisch’s. It was only a little piece of ham and a plate of fruit – nothing else tasted good – but she did eat. She also was able to be wheeled around for a little while in Menards. That is a big day for her at this point and she was feeling pretty tired on the way home.

She came home and tried not to sleep, hoping to use her forced early morning to get on a better sleep schedule. But, she finally fell asleep and I promised I wouldn’t let her sleep too long.

Now, I am just waiting for the MRI results even though I know we very likely won’t have any answers from them.


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