"Suffering the Slings and Arrows of Outrageous Fortune"

Still Waiting…

Not a word from the doctor. It did finally occur to me that he normally isn’t in on Monday afternoons, so maybe he wasn’t in when the report came in. Or, her results could have been sent to Indy to be reviewed by a pediatric neurologist. What ever the reason, I am still waiting impatiently and I won’t hear from them today since the office is now closed.

I was planning on giving them until noon tomorrow before I call, but then remembered that we have an OT appointment at 1:30. Maybe I will drop in to politely harass them in person since I will be driving right by the office to get to the rehab building. Or, Andrew might be able to get her results himself – one of the perks of being a hospital employee.

Anyway, Em is having a very bad day. Worst headache so far. So bad it woke her up this morning and has kept her awake all day, when sleep is usually the way she escapes from the pain. Very nauseated, has only had a little to eat all day and has ordered me to not mention food in her presence. I am trying to get her to eat little bits frequently but that hasn’t happened today. She also doesn’t want to be alone – I think she is worrying about what all this means and is scared. Can’t say that I blame her.


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