"Suffering the Slings and Arrows of Outrageous Fortune"

I know it is only 10:00 am, but I am already tired of waiting for the MRI results. I know we will probably hear from Dr. Black’s office sometime today, but the unknown is killing me. My brain tries to make predictions in a vain attempt to be prepared. Pointless, I am sure, but it is something to pass the time.

So, here are my predictions. Time will tell if I am remotely correct…

75% –   Results will say nothing remarkable showed up on MRI. Told to go on our merry way, ignoring all of her symptoms.

10% –  Incidental Chiari is found but we are not told and only find out when we get a copy of the results.

7% –  Incidental Chiari is found; referred to a neurologist with an appointment weeks away.

5% –  Significant Chiari findings; referred to a neurologist with an appointment weeks away.

1% – Significant Chiari findings; we are referred immediately to a neurologist.

1% – Something other than Chiari is found to be significant.

1% –  They never call with results and we have to hunt them down ourselves.

Guess that about covers everything. Now we wait and see. I particularly hate the waiting and anticipating for something that will likely not move us one step towards finding an answer. You can see by my predictions that I think the odds are against any significant finding. Yet, because there is that chance, I sit here and wait with my heart in my throat.

Then the other part is, even if nothing is found, I know it doesn’t mean nothing is there. Only a true expert in Chiari and EDS will be able to really make a determination that I will believe. So, ultimately, the results of this MRI mean little in the long run. But I still sit here, waiting for the phone to ring, trying not to think of what is going to happen to my baby.

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