"Suffering the Slings and Arrows of Outrageous Fortune"

Well, looks like I was right. The MRI (Andrew brought home a copy of the report) showed nothing except for a small cyst in her nasal cavity. Having looked it up (a retention cyst or a nasopharyngeal  cyst), I seriously doubt that has anything to do with her symptoms and it appears to be no big deal. It could maybe cause a headache but that is about it and nothing like the headaches she has.

According to the radiologist, nothing of significance was found – ‘otherwise normal MRI of the brain’.

The question we have is, were they even looking for Chiari? I wanted them to look for Chiari but that doesn’t mean they looked. Certainly a brain MRI wouldn’t reveal the Chiari related conditions and many radiologists don’t even mention Chiari when it is staring them in the face. So, these results mean nothing without a neurologist/neurosurgeon looking at them and looking at symptoms as well. Also, if we are only dealing with cranial instability, that would not show up on this type of MRI. She clearly needs an MRI of her entire spine so we can know what we are dealing with. And I want to see the images. I have seen enough Chiari MRIs that I would like to see her scans with my own eyes.

So, we are back at square one and trying to figure out our next step. I guess I should wait to see what the doctors office says before I start making my own plans but I am wavering in the confidence I have in them right now. Maybe he will refer us on to a neurologist but that will take weeks and I just don’t know that we have weeks. Maybe he will order more scans done now. Maybe I should make another appointment and make him listen to me. Maybe Dr. Tinkle will be able to help us – maybe he will get her an emergency referral to a neurologist at Cin. Childrens. Maybe we should just take her to the ER so a neurologist can take a look at her.

I just don’t know right now and all of those ‘maybes’ are hurting my head.

She has had a really bad day. Didn’t leave the darkened bedroom until 7:30 this evening. She feels worse than she ever has before. How many days can we say that? I was just about ready to take her to the ER tonight but she decided to come out and watch TV and eat a bit. So, a reprieve for now.

(Edited to say: Don’t know what the deal is with the date – it is actually 10:30 on the 28th, not March 1st. Thought I fixed it but it still has the wrong date,so I am stumped)

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