"Suffering the Slings and Arrows of Outrageous Fortune"


Em is done with the prednisone course – finally! It didn’t really do much for her and she is relieved not to have to take it every day. It definitely improved her appetite, which was extremely poor when she started taking the prednisone. She was eating very little and now, although still nauseated, is eating almost normally. Hopefully that effect will stick around for a while but her appetite had nothing to do with being put on it in the first place – it was just a side effect that was positive in her case.

As far as her headache, we haven’t seen any noticable improvement. She did say at one point, that she didn’t realize that it was helping until she starting going off it. Not sure if that was just a night where she had an exceptionally bad headache or if the prednisone actually has helped. If so, it has been a slight help. She has been up and around more – she still spends most of her time in my room with the lights dimmed, but she spent the weekend with family and was in the living room/kitchen the whole time. Even went to Greenville to go out to eat. She is paying for it now, but maybe the prednisone has helped a bit.

No real improvement in the other neurological symptoms. She is still dizzy, lightheaded and nauseous. Then there is the blurred vision and eye pain. She is having a hard time tolerating the collar – it hurts and makes her dizzy, and it puts pressure on her teeth and jaw, exacerbating the TMJ issues. She is also having severe neck and back pain.

Last night, she was popping her neck *again* (makes me cringe everytime – I know it is almost beyond her control, but it is potentially life threatening. Especially when it is associated with additional pain and increased neurological symptoms). She said when she moves her neck, it feels like everything is moving around and too loose, particularly when she bends her head back.

I am anxious to hear what the neurologist has to say tomorrow. We never did get the x-ray report, so we are in the dark regarding the findings. I asked Andrew if he thinks it could be anything other than cervical instability and he said no. I wish it were something simple to deal with but I think we have started down a very difficult path. Hopefully, Dr. Parnell is able to start  the process and get the ball rolling.


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