"Suffering the Slings and Arrows of Outrageous Fortune"

So, we upped Em’s flexeril and she got 2 full nights of sleep in a row. A record and just what she needed. That is the good news. The bad news is that we need a new prescription if she is going to continue at 10 mgs a night. They didn’t get a prescription called in for us on Friday so we didn’t have enough to get her through the weekend. Last night, she chose to take 5mgs so she would have a pill to take tonight. As a result, she didn’t fall asleep until 6 am. Guess that shows that the bump really did help… I will be in contact with Dr. Tinkle’s office on Monday morning – they have to call in a script because she will be completely out by then.

The other really good news is that the application for BCMH came on Thursday and we got it signed and sent back on Friday. Don’t know how long it will take to find out if Em qualifies or whatever but at least we are one big step ahead at this point. Once we are covered by BCMH, we should be able to really move forward with getting everything diagnosed and start ‘fixing’ things.

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