"Suffering the Slings and Arrows of Outrageous Fortune"

That was easy…

I learned a lesson last week. While most everything is more difficult with EDS, some things may not end up being the giant crisis I fear. That is an excellent lesson, because I admittedly tend to prepare for the worst. Not a bad policy when you are living with EDS, but every once in a while, you might be surprised that things can go smoothly and that is a pleasant realization.

Em has been dealing with an ingrown toenail for a couple months. Maybe that sounds innocuous but EDS complicates everything, even something as simple as an ingrown toenail.  Local anesthetics often don’t work properly. (The stories I have heard about that are enough to make you ill!). Poor healing.Joints dislocate easily and without effort. Chronic pain. Fear of needles – ok, not an EDS thing but still a major issue for us.

All of these things were in my head as I looked at my daughter’s toe and made me assume the worst – that the local anesthetic wouldn’t work, that her toe/ankle/knee would dislocate if the doc wasn’t careful, that she would heal poorly and have every conceivable complication. So, I put off taking her to the doctor until we just couldn’t avoid it any longer.

The reality was, we had a doctor who, while she didn’t know much about EDS,  took our concerns seriously. She did her normal numbing procedure and it worked fine. She worked on the toe and Em didn’t feel a thing. The toe has not really been painful since and she is healing fine. Nothing dislocated and, while she did have a fair amount of joint pain afterwards, she was fine. All in all, it was quite anticlimactic.

So, I learned that, while I should be aware of all of the issues that make the littlest situation difficult, sometimes things will actually be simple. And easy. And non-eventful.

How refreshing!


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