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I found a really awesome product that I want to share. Like almost all of my helpful finds, I found it by accident but, boy, am I glad I happened upon this.

I have been looking for a medical alert bracelet for my daughter but just wasn’t happy with anything I found. The traditional med alert bracelet simply wasn’t sufficient for a child with multiple rare, complicated health conditions and the alternatives all were lacking as well. But, I found the perfect system for us and I am very excited.

The Care Medical History Bracelet is a silcone bracelet with a usb drive integrated in the bracelet – you literally wear your medical information on your wrist. The flash drive has an easy to use program with various forms with fill in the blank or answers to check.

~ There are sections for emergency contact info, personal information, physician (including room for multiple specialists)and insurance info, and family history.

~ There are sections on health history – you check applicable symptoms in various categories that cover the different body systems (i.e. skin, heart, blood, endocrine, ect – it is a pretty comprehensive list). You can add symptoms to each category and I was able to add a brief description when I did so – I don’t do brief very well and I am satisfied with the amount of information I was able to include.

~There is a section to list injuries/surgeries/ procedures along with the date and treatment/outcomes/comments for each.

~ There is a section for medication – prescription and OTC, prescribed and otherwise.

~There are sections for diagnostic data and health tests- you can enter blood test results, BP/HR records and results of common tests. Again, you can add elements that are not on the list, for both diagnostic data and the tests. You can also list immunizations.

It is waterproof – you can swim in it or otherwise submerse it in water. You just wipe the metal part off when you are done to prevent rusting. It feels very durable and seems comfortable – it is surprisingly slim and attractive. Obviously it is latex free. Also, you can load additional articles, test results or documents onto the flash drive – they just appear in the menu when the drive is plugged in. I really like that feature. When you are dealing with a rare condition that most doctors have never heard of, you want to give them all the help you can!

You can order it online at http://www.medicalhistorybracelet.com/  Walgreens, Kmart, Krogers and Target carry them as well – a list of local retailers is on the web site. We got ours at Walgreens – they didn’t have a big selection of colors and sizes but they happened to have exactly what we needed.

We were able to load most of the pertinent info on in a short time – maybe an hour but, really, it is an ongoing project and we can update it any time we want. The software is very easy to use – my daughter can do it. It will be very easy to update as medications change or test results are received – you just plug it in, make your changes and save them to the bracelet. It is great for multiple medical conditions and helping you keep track of your medical history. Also, you can keep medical information for your whole family on one bracelet – really convenient for moms.

We have only had it for a day so I can’t personally vouch for it being waterproof but having seen the design, I would be totally comfortable immersing it in water. The flash drive is snug in the cover – so it is a little difficult to get on and off one handed. For us, that is not at all a deterrent – in fact, I am comforted by the fact that it won’t fall off! The benefits are so great, I would definitely work around that one disadvantage.

Anyway, I would encourage anyone with a medical condition to take a look at this product. The peace of mind it has brought me already is well worth the $20. I hope we never have to use it, but if an emergency happens – we are ready!


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  1. Awesome article and extremely enlightening. Thanks for taking the time to write it and post it!

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