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Feeling blessed

It is not easy being a 12 yo girl who has a chronic condition and has to use a wheel chair at times. It is isolating and depressing at best.

But, we are so fortunate to have a wonderful group of friends – specifically fellow homeschoolers who accept us for what we are and do not care about our limitations. When I express my gratitude, they just say ‘It is what friends do.’ But, not all friends do. Some people are not so loving so I know exactly how blessed we are.

Emily was not going to go trick or treating this year. Last year, I took her in her wheelchair – she had no one to go with and it was not very fun. This year she had decided she would not go alone and she would just stay home and pass out candy.

But, Friday at Co-op, our friends invited her to come with them. The whole group was going as Mario themed characters and Em was welcome with or without a Mario themed costume. So, we had less than 24 hours to come up with a costume but Em was actually excited so I was willing to do whatever I had to do. (Costuming a wheel chair is slightly complicated, btw! The initial plan was to make her chair a MarioKart but that didn’t go well!)  Eventually we decided she would be the geeky gamer who was controlling all of the characters in our group – Mario and Luigi, Peach and Daisy, etc. She had a game controller and funny glasses and she got to carry the IPad playing the nintendo music.

The older girls each took a turn pushing Em in the wheel chair and then one of the moms pushed her the rest of the night. Just took her and happily pushed her so I could have a chance to chat with the other adults through the evening. We had a great time and I just felt so blessed to have such wonderful friends who love my kid, wheel chair and all. They may think they are just behaving normally but I know how special they really are!

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  1. Charlene said:

    I have just discovered your blog, and am amazed at the similarities in our experiences. Interestingly my daughters name is Emily she is now 16 and we are on the journey of our lives in seeking help and information for our chronically ill child. What is even more interesting is recently our daughters Dr. suggested she find peers who are experiencing the same things she has experienced. So here I sit reading your blog with amazement.

    • Sorry to hear that your Emily is having problems. It is not easy to live with, but finding others who know what you are experiencing is incredibly helpful. There is something precious about finding out you are not alone!

      So glad you have benefited in some way from my blog!

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