"Suffering the Slings and Arrows of Outrageous Fortune"

This may seem like a small step but it is a pretty big deal to me.

We went to Walmart a couple nights ago and Emily walked. She WALKED around Walmart!

It has been over a year since she last walked around Walmart, so this was a pretty big milestone. (She hasn’t been totally confined to her wheelchair – she has walked into restaurants, smaller stores and the like in the past year, but Walmart had just been too big for her to attempt up til now.)

When we walked in, she said  “Wow, everything looks so different standing up!” – the world looks totally different from a wheelchair. She walked around for about 30 minutes and was pretty happy about it. And she had no ill effects during or afterwards – no fainting or extreme dizziness, no increased pain or fatigue.

For so much of this past year, things seemed so hopeless – it seemed like downhill was the only possible direction. When I think back to how bad things have been and how much progress we have made and continue to make – I am truly amazed. I remember reading the occasional EDS success story last year with envy and a bit of disbelief.

But, now we have our own success story and our own miracle. The right treatment exists and so does hope. Never give up, never quit fighting.

I agree with my daughter: Everything looks so different…


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