"Suffering the Slings and Arrows of Outrageous Fortune"

The Prodigal Cat

One of our kitties, Em’s special pet and an indoor cat with extremely poor judgement, disappeared right before New Year’s and we had pretty much given up on ever seeing her again. But, yesterday, my husband miraculously found Padme and brought her home. Em spent the rest of the evening doting on Padme and Padme seemed absolutely content to be doted on: safe and warm, with a full tummy. We didn’t exactly kill the fatted calf, but hubby did run out to buy some kitty treats.

Our hearts particularly broke for Em while the cat was MIA for five weeks. Em has such a tender heart for animals and she was devastated to think of her helpless little friend out in the snow and cold. We all missed her and felt bad, but Em relies on Padme as a tool in her pain relief tool box. Curling up with a purring cat who is a natural heating pad relieves pain and just focusing on another creature is a great distraction tool when the pain is bad. So, not only did Em lose a pain relief method, but she also had to deal with the stress of losing her furry friend. Just over a year ago, we had to put our beloved aged pug to sleep which devastated Em, and losing Padme on top of that was just too much. Em is emotionally fragile enough right now, without adding in a loss like this.

But, Padme is back after 5 weeks and in one piece, albeit a lot skinnier than she was before. I confess, Padme is an absolutely worthless cat: she is a gigantic pain in the butt, she barfs everywhere, and was ‘threatened’ with exile or neck wringing on a daily basis before she disappeared. Now, we are all waiting on her hand and foot and happily welcoming her back. We are just overjoyed to have her back and a big part of our joy is that Em is happy again.

Welcome home, Padme!


Curled up with Em, her favorite place in the world...


Comments on: "The Prodigal Cat" (2)

  1. So glad Padme found her way home

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