"Suffering the Slings and Arrows of Outrageous Fortune"

We had some severe weather move through today – tornado warnings and some scary stuff around us, but fortunately, it came to nothing for us. Having watched the havoc these storms have been producing, I was in no mood to roll the dice and I ran around gathering up the necessities to chuck in the bathroom just in case. We were on our way home from Co-op when the warning came and hadn’t been home but 10 minutes before we lost power, so I had precious little time to prepare. What I realized as I was going through the process of gathering everything we needed was that we now have added to our list of emergency supplies.

So, in addition to the normal things like:

  • a proper pair of shoes for everyone (a slightly weird but highly practical obsession of mine)
  • bottled water
  • weather radio/ batteries
  • first aid kit
  • flashlights

I also realized, in slow stages as the moments passed and the weather worsened around us, that there were other really important things that had to be taken along, just in case:

  • Em’s pill organizer – in other words, her meds for today and the rest of the week
  • ALL of Em’s meds, a shoe box full
  • Em’s med alert bracelet, which she was not wearing at the time
  • Em’s Epipen
  • and, I just now, hours too late, realized I should have grabbed my folder of Em’s medical information

Then, after we had already lost power and she was actually in the bathroom, waiting out the worst of the storm, we realized it was very hot in there and she started to overheat quickly. Overheating is not a good thing with POTS, so I had to get her some cold water and a couple ice packs to try to cool her down. In other words, at a moment when I was trying to concentrate on keeping us all safe and keep an eye on the sky, I still had to focus on making sure she was ok and that, in the worst case scenario, I would be able to ensure that she would have everything she needs.

Sometimes, the knowledge that I am responsible for this fragile child is absolutely overwhelming. Even the most basic events of life are more complicated than they used to be and sometimes my brain gets so tired trying to predict everything that could happen. Then a day like this happens and I realize just how ill prepared I actually am – it is humbling. It is a steep learning curve – we had added most of those items over the fall and winter, after the severe summer weather had passed, so I hadn’t ever needed to gather those things before.

But, next time I will know and will be able to plan better.




Comments on: "The Learning Curve" (1)

  1. I never thought of any of this…my dad is on about seven medications, my brother is on two, i’m on two and my mom’s on one (and my mom and i are the ones with EDS!) but none of us thought to grab any of that. Thank you for the reminder!

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