"Suffering the Slings and Arrows of Outrageous Fortune"

For the Birds

Not sure if this is Liberty or Justice, but it is a beautiful creature. You can see the chicks in the nest below.

I have been watching the Alcoa Eagle Cam, which is overlooking a nest of a beautiful, majestic pair of bald eagles (named Liberty and Justice) and their three chicks close to Davenport, Iowa. The last chick hatched on Saturday and the mom and dad are busy filling those three little bellies attached to loudly chirping faces. We have had fun watching as the tiny chicks keep the mom and dad hopping – whenever those little mouths open and start demanding food, the mom quickly moves to oblige them. It is always a bit amusing to see such a great creature reduced to being a willing slave to such tiny, helpless creatures.

Then, last night as I was watching the nest online, Em asked for a bottle of water and I jumped right up and got her one. Then she asked for something to eat – so I trotted right out to the kitchen to cut her an orange. Then she needed her brother, so I fetched him for her. Then she was still hungry, so I fixed her another snack. Then it was bedtime,so I helped her carry all of her stuff to the bedroom.

It hit me then and I had to laugh. I am doing exactly the same thing as Mama Eagle – every time my little chick peeps, I am at her bidding. And while I often look forward to my man bringing a tasty meal (usually much more appealing than the dead fish and occasional baby skunks that the eagles are dining on) home and occasionally need time to stretch my wings outside of the nest, I am just as content to wait on my little bird as Mama Eagle is to wait on hers.

I have been in a real funk lately but I have always found that humor is the best way to keep the sadness and depression at bay. So, when I get a chance to laugh or to make an amusing connection, I am happy to do so. In the back of my mind is a sadder connection to the baby birds – something along the lines that it is time my ‘baby’ was getting ready to leave the nest and how she shouldn’t have to need me so much. But, I am firmly holding on to the amusing aspect and refusing to be sad.

It is spring: the sun is shining;  baby birds are chirping; and my baby is so much better than she was this time last year. There is plenty to be thankful for.

Anyway, go check out the Eagle Cam and enjoy a bit of God’s creation – you might have more in common with Liberty (the Mama) than you think!


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