"Suffering the Slings and Arrows of Outrageous Fortune"

A big week

Em is recovering from an abnormally active week and is slowly getting back to normal.

We had an appointment with the allergist on Wednesday, not a big deal but anything other than being at home takes its toll, particularly when it is just one of many things to deal with.

After her appointment, we went shoe shopping, which probably deserves a whole post of its own… as many of you will understand! Suffice it to say, shoe shopping with a 13 yo girl, who has EDS and very definite opinions about what she likes/wants and actually has very specific footwear needs is not the most pleasurable activity ever invented. We came away with hiking boots, she didn’t find any tennis shoes that she could manage  – the boots are less wintery looking than her current boots but definitely don’t look summery. I hate that she is 13 and has to choose support over style. Our shopping trip could have been much more traumatic but she is more concerned with function than style – I guess it is mostly me that this is a big issue for!

On Friday, our last day of Homescool Co-op classes was cancelled due to a funeral at the church where we meet, so we scheduled an replacement activity. We went to a place called Jumpy’s – yes,  huge inflatable slides and stuff to jump on (just the thought of Em jumping on such things gives me a heart attack.  Fortunately she was too big to do any jumping so that let me breath a little easier). They also had an arcade and laser tag, so I was cautiously hopeful that Em would find something to do that wouldn’t injure her but still let her have some fun. Probably very unwisely, she played 3 games of laser tag and totally did herself in but had a great time ‘shooting’ her friends and getting shot. Unfortunately, long before our time was up, she was ready to go home – in pain, exhausted and had a massive headache. She did have fun though and those moments are precious to me – she at least has some ‘normal’ fun memories and her laser tag team won every time, so it was all around good and I am so glad we choose to go.

My parents were over on Friday and it was my mom’s birthday, so Em was up and around all of Friday evening, instead of resting like she should have. But again, she got to spend time with her grandparents and uncle, and that is a good thing.

Then on Saturday, we had our Co-op Open House and we were there for several hours, setting up and cleaning afterwards. I taught a Geocaching Class this semester and I had hidden some ‘caches’  around the church property for the kids to find with our GPS units. Em, of course, had to go with the group to find them and tramped around outside for half an hour or so. Then had to sit around waiting for me to finish my stuff so we could head home – it was a very long day.

By Saturday night, she was just done. Unfortunately, she couldn’t fall asleep until 5 am – I think she was so sore and exhausted that she simply couldn’t sleep. She spent all day in bed yesterday and, ironically, slept better last night. She is starting to feel better today, although she will probably need several more days to fully recover.

Bottom line, she managed to participate in some fun activities and be with friends and family. It was rough and there were times I didn’t think she would make it, but she did. She is paying for it now, but the important thing is that she had fun, which has often been out of reach for her.

When I think back to last year at this time, I know she wouldn’t have been able to handle a week like this past one – she was spending all of her time in a darkened bedroom and couldn’t even go to 3 hours of Co-op on Fridays. As ill as she still is, I know she has still come a very long way since last year and we have hope that she will continue to improve! I am thankful for past improvement and hopeful for what is to come!


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