"Suffering the Slings and Arrows of Outrageous Fortune"

On a roll…

So, I think I might have broken through the ‘white coat’ paralysis that was seriously holding me back recently, particularly after our bad experience with the opthamologist last month.

I had several appointments that I needed to make for Em and just couldn’t summon the energy or willpower to pick up the phone. But today, I got on a roll and made 3 phone calls. We go see the pediatrician to talk about several referrals  that we need made – have to see her pediatrician instead of another one we would like to switch to and we couldn’t get in until the 25th, but at least I can cross it off my list.

Em has an ingrown toenail and desperately needs it worked on. We had been waiting for months (since August!) for insurance to pay the bill from August when she had her left toe done and they finally decided to pay it (morons) so she gets her toe done next Monday. I was so worried when she had it done the first time, but now I am just looking forward to getting it fixed for her.

And finally, most importantly, I have a phone call in to the local pain management doctor – our relationship with our current pain doc is untenable at this point and I have to do something. This local doctor doesn’t normally take kids under 18, but my husband works at the hospital with him and specifically asked him if he would see Em. He wasn’t in the office today, so the nurse took our info and will speak to him about it. I am seriously praying that he will consider taking Em on as a patient and we can politely fire our current doc. This is a big deal – I just can’t force Em to see a doctor who treats her badly but my options are so limited. I should hear back from them in a few days.

I am feeling a great sense of relief, now that I can check those off my list. I had a moment when I started to call the pain doctor that I almost lost it and had to steel myself to push the tears and worry away and just make the call. It helped that the lady I talked to was very nice and sympathetic to what we are dealing with. I have several more calls to make, but I am content with what I have accomplished today.



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