"Suffering the Slings and Arrows of Outrageous Fortune"

He’s a keeper!

Glory, Hallelujah, folks, I think we have a keeper. Now, I have been burned too many times to believe that the first appointment will tell me all I need to know…

But, we both really liked Dr. V and I think we are going to be happy with him. Because:

A. He didn’t hurt my daughter. He didn’t even examine her joints and certainly didn’t ask to see her party tricks. However, he did make a point to talk directly to her and asked a lot of questions, listening respectfully to her answers.

B. He said the magic words, ‘ you probably know more about EDS than I do’. {Dr. V, you had me at ‘you probably know more’!}

C. There was absolutely no eye rolling when I mentioned externally communicating hydrocephalus/ increased intracranial pressure. He phrased it as, ‘ so she has a touch of hydrocephalus.’ Not exactly the way I would have put it, but it works for me!

D. He practically insisted that she take a prescription for Lortab, for her breakthrough pain, as a way to attempt to get her pain further under control. Obviously, he doesn’t want her to take them everyday, around the clock, but it is another tool in our toolbox. I didn’t feel comfortable even broaching the topic of a short acting med for acute pain with Dr. G, although I knew it was important and very much needed. And I didn’t even have to ask for it today!

E. He sees the importance of controlling pain BEFORE it gets too bad. Which seems like an obvious thing, but that attitude is nothing to take for granted.

F. He increased her Neurontin, per her request, to 300 mg. He feels that we have lots of room to play with the dosage but he will also consider other meds, like Lyrica, if we get to that point.

G. He never once made us feel rushed, he listened to us and conversed with us about our concerns. However, in actuality, he was rushed and he left the office very quickly after our appointment. But I would never have known he was in a hurry from the way he treated us and only know he was in a rush because I saw him as we were checking out.

So, you can see that he earned a lot of points with me today and I am pretty impressed, almost against my will! And, my kid is happy with him, and that is of utmost importance to me in this matter. The somewhat jaded side of me says, ‘wait and see’, but I am very hopeful going forward and that is a pleasant feeling. We see him again in 3 months but can call if we need anything before then.

This is a huge relief  – I don’t even have words for what a blessing this is. A little bit of hope is an amazing thing!


Comments on: "He’s a keeper!" (1)

  1. imanenigma said:

    Sounds awesome!! My cardiologist insisted I give him info on how to read Dr D’s info! So cool when that happens. Happy for you guys. 🙂

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