"Suffering the Slings and Arrows of Outrageous Fortune"

So, we have had an exciting couple of days. I think it is only a few days but it feels like a month.

Monday, Em started complaining about a stomach ache. As the day progressed, so did her pain and nausea. By evening she was miserable but, lucky, lucky girl, she was starting her period and we initially thought it was just bad cramps. She was miserable all night and by morning I knew she needed to go to the ER. I was actually pretty well convinced it was a kidney stone (there is a family history, after all AND she is on a diuretic, that is known to cause kidney stones!). I saw myself in her suffering as I witnessed her pain Tuesday morning – she said it felt like she swallowed scissors, so I thought I knew the score.

We made our way to the ER at Reid, Tuesday afternoon and settled in for, what was to be, a very, very long night. I took her meds and a pillow and blanket for her, a comb (still not sure why??) and my phone and that was about it. Again, I thought we were going to be sent home to pass a stone.

They did a CT scan – which was a horrible ordeal, although the nurses were as gentle and kind as they could be. She hadn’t had anything to eat since Monday afternoon and very, very little to drink either day because she was so nauseated. So she was really dehydrated and is a hard stick on a good day. They had to start an IV so they could do the scan with contrast – unfortunately, they had to stick her three times and do a lot of digging before they got it. It took about 35 minutes and she was just a mess. But a trooper the whole way.

By this time it is 8:30 pm and we are all exhausted and Em just wants to go home – she is dying of thirst and they wouldn’t let her drink anything. In retrospect, that should have stood out as a bad sign.

The doctor comes in and tells us it is her appendix and they are setting up a surgeon to take it out. Then, he comes back to tell us the Reid surgeon won’t do the surgery because of the EDS and wants us to go to Children’s. We sort of understood that but also sort of thought he was overreacting a little. Things started moving quickly at that point and we were shortly on our way to Riley Children’s Hospital in a very bumpy ambulance.

She was taken in to surgery at 1 am Wednesday morning and the surgeon came out to talk to us at 2:30. She said the appendix was 4 inches long, growing behind the bladder and gangrenous. It wasn’t perforated but I think she was a very lucky little girl. We ended up understanding why the Reid surgeon bowed out and have a new respect for him.

At the moment, we are having a’lovely, very unplanned, very expensive ‘vacation’ at Riley Children’s Hospital in Indianapolis. We are on day one and have no idea when we will be heading home. Hopefully, we will be able to go home Friday, if she is going well enough. She is doing pretty well – she finally got to drink after the surgery, has been eating a few bites here and there, and has been up to the bathroom and walked down the hall. Her pain is relatively under control and she even spent a few minutes on the laptop checking out all the nice things our friends are saying about her on Facebook.

She just asked how many days she has been here and was shocked to find out we are still on day one. Poor kiddo is pretty disoriented but very focused on going home! An hour after surgery, she was asking what she needed to do to go home.

We have actually had a very good experience with this unexpected crisis – been surrounded by a lot of good people who are taking very good care of us and have been very, very blessed. I will share about our extreme GOOD fortune in another post coming soon.

So, yeah, my week took a major detour. How’s your week going? 😉

Comments on: "An appendectomy was not in my plans this week…" (4)

  1. imanenigma said:

    Oh, so sorry for your ordeal!! Its good to hear that it didnt burst on her. That sounds like quite on ordeal. I hope your hospital stay will be a short one and you can get back to all of the comforts of home soon! 🙂

    • Thanks so much! We are home now – we couldn’t believe she did well enough to go home after 2 days, but she is doing really well. It is GOOD to be home!

  2. MY week???? Well….. nothing compared to YOUR week!! Glad all is going well and you’re able to rest in good hands there. That does bring a great sense of peace amidst the chaos.

    Surf the chaos.
    Thinking of you all.

    • It was an interesting few days. It was such a blessing to have a great experience and have such great people helping us.


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