"Suffering the Slings and Arrows of Outrageous Fortune"

The floor my daughter stayed on during our recent sojourn at Riley Children’s Hospital, was, of course, beautifully decorated with pictures of animals. Each room had a name plate with a different animal and the child’s name.

The animal on Emily’s name plate was…wait for it…a horse. Down the way, another child was a zebra, but Em was just a plain old horse for 2 whole days. And that is a perfect illustration of her stay in the hospital after her emergency appendectomy.

For once, she was a horse. Yes, a horse with some hidden stripes that made life a little more complicated, but a horse nonetheless. She had a condition the doctors and nurses were familiar with,  something they knew how to treat with one hand tied behind their backs  and which was totally routine – even boring – to them. When a new nurse came on duty, she knew what an appendectomy was and what she needed to do to help my daughter get better. The doctors knew what it was and didn’t have to google it. I didn’t have to spell it or teach them how to pronounce it.

Pretty refreshing, to be honest. Normally, she is a puzzle hidden in a mystery wrapped in an enigma, so it was strangely comforting to not have to instruct the medical staff on what to do. (Ok, so I gave lots of instructions, endless instructions, as they were prepping for surgery, but once she was out of surgery, it was just pretty run-of-the-mill recovery that I could just let them handle. Being able to concentrate on comforting my child, instead of educating the staff every single second, was lovely beyond words.)

Of course, now that we are home, we are getting back into the zebra routine. I am pretty sure most appendectomy patients don’t have to reduce a hip dislocation during the first week of recovery. Or worry about the sutures tearing fragile internal tissue. Or have damaged skin from the tape that secured her IV. Then there is the issue of exactly how long it will take to heal – probably twice as long as normals. We never were given firm limits on how long to restrict her, the surgeon wouldn’t hazard a guess as to how long it would take her to bounce back.

So, we are back to business as usual. But, I gotta say, it sure was nice to take a little break from the Zebra Reality Show and just be a horse for a few days!

Comments on: "A horse instead of a zebra…" (2)

  1. Rhonda said:

    I stumbled upon your site by sheer random chance but then again maybe not. I have read your story about Emily your daughter & I will now add her to my prayer list to pray for regularly.
    You know my son was healed 6-9 weeks after he was born of a heart murmur. The L-rd Jesus healed him right in front of the pediatric cardiologist while they were doing an ultra-sound on his chest. I cried out to Him for help & He did heal my son right there. They had just finished an EKG & other tests on his chest in the office so they knew it was there. The Dr. left the room because she was so upset in what she had just witnessed with her own eyes. She later came back to explain she had contacted her supervising physician & neither one could explain what she had just witnessed. When she came back she explained she is a scientist & what just happened back in that room trumps science & all its rules. Jesus heals just like He would. Cry out to Him for help. I will pray for Emily from now on. 🙂


    • Rhonda,
      Thanks for sharing your story. God is good! What I think is amazing is that even when He does not grant physical healing, He brings good [without fail] from our difficulties and suffering. I understood early in our journey with EDS that the miracle of a cure was not in the plans for us, but I also knew without a doubt that there would be good that would come of our suffering, good that I could not begin to imagine for us. And it has.

      I think our limited human understanding leads us to prefer physical healing – it certainly is appealing and convenient! But God often has even bigger plans in store and we just need to have our eyes open to all of the little miracles that He sends our way so that we don’t miss them while waiting for the big one.

      I always am grateful for prayers on our behalf – prayers for wisdom, strength and comfort are especially appreciated.

      Thanks for commenting – I wish you and your son all the best. God Bless!


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