"Suffering the Slings and Arrows of Outrageous Fortune"

I am pleased to present a guest post by my lovely daughter, Emily. She decided to write a post about what a day is like for her. Beware her weird and wicked sense of humor. Enjoy!                                 ~ Beth
A day in the life of an EDSer

By Emily

9:00 AM : Mom wakes me up to take morning medicine, which I take 3 pills with my eyes closed, and still half asleep.

9:01:02 AM : Back asleep in approximately 1.2 minutes.

11:45 AM : Finally Mom wakes me up, and I open my eyes to a cat perching on my chest and a dog licking my hand.

12:00 PM : I’m supposed to take Zyrtec and Zantac…I usually wait as long as possible. 😉

12:05 PM : Normally spend 15 minutes trying to find something that I can eat, which is normally a couple bites here and there.

12:20 PM : TRY to eat with a cat curled up contently in my arms, refusing to move.

1:00 PM : TRY to do stuff on the computer with, again, a cat curled up contently in my arms. ( I’m starting to see a pattern here )

2:00 PM : Get up and walk around for a few minutes.

2:01 PM :  Normally dislocate about 30 joints running down the hallway to get away from zombies I think are hiding and ready to come out and grab me and take me to their leader. ( I wouldn’t do well in a zombie apocalypse )

2:05 PM : Wrap, tape, and brace 30 joints. Consider for the hundredth time taking anxiety medicine.

3:00 PM : Take 7 more pills, finally getting around to taking Zyrtec and Zantac. 😉

4:00 PM : Have a snack, play with the dog if I feel like it, if not, I just harass him with cookies. ( He’s addicted…Kinda my fault 🙂 )

5:00 PM : Start trying to see what I can eat for supper, which, again is usually a couple bites here and there.

6:00 PM : Start trying ( Usually unsuccessfully ) to get in the shower.

7:15 PM : Actually get in the shower

7:30 PM : Start falling asleep in the shower.

7:35 PM : Decide I should probably get out before I drown.

7:45 PM : Crash in the recliner.

8:00 PM : Cuddle with the cat and dog.

9:00 PM : Start getting ready for bed.

10:30 PM : Take nighttime medicine, which consists of 12 pills. Normally getting about 7 out of 12 of the pills stuck in my mouth.

10:35 PM : Wash mouth out thoroughly. Stupid pills.

10:40 PM : Get on the computer ’til my medicine kicks in.

11:30 PM : Start falling asleep while still on the computer.

11:35 PM : Decide to get off Facebook before writing a REALLY stupid status update. ( Trust me, it’s happened )

11:45 PM : Start going to sleep.

12:00 AM : Actually fall asleep. If I’m lucky.

9:00 AM : Do it all over again 😉 .


Comments on: "A day in the life of an EDSer – A Guest Post" (4)

  1. Alana said:

    I have to wait six months till I go see my friend and get to cuddle with her cat 😦 You are so lucky!!

    • Em loves her cat and the cat loves her. Hope the time goes quickly ’til you get to cuddle with your friend’s cat!

      BTW, Em says ‘thanks for commenting!’ 🙂

      • Hi Beth,
        I, too, enjoyed Em’s post! Would you please email me?

        • Hey Anne,
          Thanks – Em had fun writing it. I am emailing you – but feel free to email me if you would like. (Is my email visible? I have no idea!)


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