"Suffering the Slings and Arrows of Outrageous Fortune"


The conference is awesome already. Seeing all the folks in braces, bandages, wheelchairs and on crutches literally brought a tear to my eye. What a feeling to feel like you are among family!

The convention center is lovely, our hotel is great, supper sucked but that was no one’s fault but our own.

Looking forward to an early start tomorrow and a very long day. Em joins us tomorrow and that will be great. Even Andrew seems to be ‘getting’ it and that is *really* great!

Obviously, I can post while I am here but am doing so by laboriously pecking out a post on Em’s Kindle, so a) I apologize for any and all typos, auto correct does not like me and b) I will be MUCH briefer than usual because I hate typing like this!!!!


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