"Suffering the Slings and Arrows of Outrageous Fortune"

I haven’t mentioned this but my husband, who isn’t diagnosed with EDS but clearly has it, has a bad knee. If you have been reading for a while, you know that we joke about ‘the EDS he doesn’t have’, because he is in a wee bit of denial about it. However, he may be getting an official diagnosis in the near future…

In high school, he blew out his ACL playing a pick up game of basketball. He had surgery to reconstruct it, but his knee has been a problem ever since. The EDS explains why that is and why he blew it out in the first place, of course, but for most of his life, we were clueless as to the explanation. 14 years ago, when Em was a baby, he had another surgery to clean up the meniscus. It helped, but that knee was still just not right and after a few years, he was back where he began.

He was probably due for another surgery 4 or 5 years ago, but he has put it off and put it off. Over the last six months, maybe even the last year, his knee has been rapidly worsening. He diagnosed himself with a likely meniscus tear and figured that wasn’t the end of the world. Finally, when he could barely walk on it, he reluctantly made an appointment with an ortho he trusts. (In fairness, this doc did his second surgery years ago and then was no longer affiliated with the hospital where my husband works. He was waiting for him to come back, which he recently did – thank God!)

The initial x-ray didn’t really show anything, so he had to have an MRI. Understandably, he was worried that it wouldn’t show anything wrong and it would be a waste of time. (I was pretty sure it would show something, since he was in serious pain and could hardly put weight on it.) He grumped and grumbled before, (probably during), and after the MRI.

Then, a day or so after the MRI, he got his report back.  There is a list a mile long of things wrong with his knee. He still has cartilage, so that is good, but it is torn – probably the source of much of his pain. Beyond that, pretty much every ligament in his knee is either partially or completely torn. They are hoping that it is just irritation, but I have my doubts. Plus a handful of other medical terminology that is above my pay grade.

His scope is planned for Feb 26th – they will clean up the meniscus tear and check out the ligaments. If they are as messed up as they appear on MRI, we will have to figure out where to go from there, but that would likely be an additional, much more complex surgery. Because all/most of the ligaments in his knee are involved, any reconstruction will be more complicated and require a ‘special’ specialist. Of course, the EDS complicates this all the more and will need to be taken very,very seriously. (My darling, normally intelligent hubby didn’t feel any need to share the fact that he almost certainly has EDS with the doc. Fortunately, I was there and made sure the doctor was told. He later told me that he was planning on mentioning at some point before surgery…What would he do without me?)

So, we have another surgery on the calendar – none of us are really looking forward to it, but hopefully it helps him have less pain and more function. I may lose whatever is left of my sanity after having him home as an invalid for a couple weeks – he is not the best or most cooperative patient in the world. You probably already figured that out, though!

It isn’t often that I talk about Andrew and not Em, but, he gets to be front of the line right now. Prayers would be appreciated, if you are willing. It is going to be an interesting few weeks…

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  1. Thought you might like to know about a new Facebook group specifically for those with the unholy trio of diseases: https://www.facebook.com/groups/295151493944118/

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