"Suffering the Slings and Arrows of Outrageous Fortune"

My hubby’s knee surgery was yesterday and it went very well – he is doing great and is home complaining about being bored.

Apparently, the long list of problems listed on the MRI report was indeed just irritation from the meniscus tear that he has hobbling around with for years. You might recall that I was worried that his surgery would reveal all kinds of serious problems – he clearly thought I was overreacting. (Pretty much the story of our lives!)

If it wouldn’t embarrass him, I might mention that telling him the doctor said his ligaments were all fine got him to stick his tongue out at me while he was feeling a little loopy in the recovery room. But, it might embarrass him, so I won’t mention it!

Anyway, the doctor said the surgery went great – took less than an hour, he cleaned up the tear/tears and chunks of cartilage floating around. His ACL (the one he blew out in high school) is intact and, while a little loose, is fine. His LCL (the ligament he was really concerned about) looks ‘rock solid’. Repeating that comment is what earned me an emphatic ‘I told you so!’ from my husband.

We definitely are thankful that we ended up with the best possible outcome and hopefully this surgery will last him for another 10 or 15 years.

He probably will be able to return to work next Monday and hopefully will have a lot less pain to deal with. He is already able to walk better than he could before the surgery, so that is a hopeful thing. He will probably spend the days off work reminding me how he was right and I was wrong! I think I am so relieved that nothing serious was found that I don’t even care!

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