"Suffering the Slings and Arrows of Outrageous Fortune"

Ya know how I previously said Em didn’t break a leg at opening night? Well, I probably shouldn’t have said such a stupid thing and asked for trouble! I should know better…

It was not really unexpected but Em wrenched her ankle badly before the show Saturday night – dislocated, subluxed, sprained, whatever you want to call it. Whatever you want to call it, she hurt it. I walked into the dressing room and found her almost in tears, limping. She was very quiet (always a bad sign) and downplayed how bad it was, but I understood it was bad.

I called her Dad, who was on his way to the theatre after getting off work, and had him stop and get a brace and some ice. So, she took a pain pill, propped her ankle up and rested as much as she could;  we iced it and wrapped it up and prayed it was enough! (She wears black tights with her costumes so the black brace blended right in; we just grabbed some black tape from back stage and covered the little orange label that is sew into the front.) The other girls were great – M offered to switch shoes if it would help and they all helped her walk outside to the front so she wouldn’t slip on the ice when the nuns go out and they helped her up and down the stairs. It was a comfort to know she had people watching out for her and helping take care of her.

She made it through the performance, but, by the end of the evening, she was in pretty bad shape and then had to be up early the next day for the Sunday matinee at 2 pm. She took her crutch with her, just to remind herself to take it easy and to try to spare her ankle a bit when she wasn’t on stage. She got through and now has a couple days to rest, thank goodness! We perform again Wednesday but hopefully she is better by then.

Now, you probably also know that the whole EDS thing was never to be spoken of at the theatre – not openly anyway – she didn’t want anyone to know so she wouldn’t have to put up with whatever comes after she tells someone. But, the end result of this injury is that we shared about her medical issues – you cannot go around telling people you dislocated your ankle and not make some additional comments. So, I shared a bit with some of the cast when they asked about her injury and she shared with others when it came up. Essentially, her secret (kept so carefully for the past 2 1/2 months) was out of the bag. And, guess what? Everybody was cool. Sympathetic? Yes. Concerned? Yes. Helpful? Yes.  A bit curious? Yes. Mean? No. Condescending? No.  Do they treat her any differently? Nope. Do they like her just as much as they did before? Yup.

So, I think this has been a great experience for her. Nothing bad happened when she came clean and we are sharing now information about EDS with people who are very interested. Frankly, we have seen suspicious symptoms in several cast members and have been searching for a way to reach out. Saturday, we were given the opportunity to reach out to them. The flood gate is open, but I will write about that in another post – way too long to add to this one!


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