"Suffering the Slings and Arrows of Outrageous Fortune"

Alright, I am back and you have my apologies. I know it has been awhile – too long, but I have the usual excuses… holidays, busy, preoccupied, tired, and so on. But, I am back and will start faithfully writing again. Cross my heart! 🙂

What has happened since I last wrote? What is coming down the track? Here is a little update…

  • Em survived her time in The Sound of Music and thoroughly enjoyed herself. It was a great experience, albeit very taxing. We were all pretty worn out by the time it was over [read: absolutely exhausted]. And it is always so bittersweet to walk away when it is over. It was especially bittersweet this time with all the emotion of such an unlikely accomplishment, but, while it was extremely sad to walk away, the sweet was that much sweeter because of all Em had overcome to be there.
  • Last week, somehow, Em got her right foot closed in a car door. Don’t ask me how – she has explained it and even demonstrated and I still don’t quite understand how she managed it. It wasn’t even her own car door, but, yeah, that’s my kid. (I suppose that requires a little explanation…She was in the back seat, with the sliding door open as she was getting out. She leaned over to get something and for some insane reason, thought it would be prudent to brace her foot in the frame of the open front door. At which point, the unsuspecting and exiting occupant of the front passenger seat, her poor nana, closed her door, having no clue that there was a foot in it! *Sigh*) Anyway, her toes were firmly shut in the door. Needless to say, her foot was pretty messed up. Never really bruised, never swelled and she could more or less walk on it.

 So, we waited a couple days but, when it got worse instead of better, we took her to get it checked out. Frustratingly, we were not able to get an appointment with the new ortho that did my husband’s surgery and had to see yet another ortho. The best I can say about him is that he wasn’t our old one so that was some improvement but we were not overawed by him. Long story short, her foot is not broken and ‘should’ be fine. However, he also told her to use ice even though she had (literally) told him 1 minute previously that she could not tolerate ice or heat because of her neuropathic pain. And, he told her to take Aleve, even though we had (literally) told him 30  seconds previously that she already takes Aleve. He was also holding her medication list that clearly states that she takes Aleve twice a day, which we politely pointed out.”Double the dose then. You can easily take it morning and night.” When we pointed out that she already does, he said, “well, double that then.”

 She was hoping to be given a walking boot or something that would protect her foot and let her walk with less pain, but, didn’t happen, which did not endear him to her. And, he cheerfully offered her a shot of Aleve, as if he was a savior. Needless to say, she refused and really started to loath him at that point. Anyone who thinks a shot is a good idea is no friend of hers.

 The end result is, her foot still hurts like crazy, she can’t walk on it without a great deal of pain, she is taking pain meds around the clock and there is nothing to do but wait for it to get better. Frustrating, to say the least. But, at least we know it isn’t broken. And if she needs to go back, we will do our best to see the ortho we like instead of the others.

  • We have a follow up appointment with the cardiologist on Wednesday. I think the weather is going to be decent although bitterly cold – we had snow over the weekend and are supposed to get a couple more inches tonight and then more later this week, but hopefully there is a window before the next system comes through. The cold and snow has not made for a pleasant winter thus far for Em. She is definitely in more pain and is looking forward to spring! Would like to talk to the cardiologist about working more to get her orthostatic intolerance a little more tolerable. I mean, she can definitely be upright, but still has too many moments of blacking out and almost fainting. Not sure how we can tweak the meds but it would be good if we could.

So, we have been busy and tired and blah and life is chugging along at its normal, crazy pace.  I have also been working on my book, getting closer to being able to submit it and hoping to get it published.


Comments on: "Back with an update" (4)

  1. From now on this Nana will check for stray feet before she closes her door….

    • Well, it isn’t something one normally needs to check for before one closes their door…

  2. Aw, poor Em! I bet Nana felt terrible, but she shouldn’t, I don’t check for feet in the car door before I close it either. I had something similar happen to me when I was little, only it was my hand the front door of the van rather than my foot. I somehow slipped it out despite the door clicking shut.

    I saw Dr Tinkle 2.5 weeks ago. Reading your blog beforehand put me at ease that I was in good hands, so thanks for that.

    • A hand is easy to understand, a foot? in someone else’s door? Not so much! Yeah, my mom felt really bad, but it really wasn’t her fault! We all make a big production of where Em’s feet are when a door is being closed…we think it is funny, for some reason, Em doesn’t!

      Glad you were at ease when you saw Dr. T – was it a good appointment? Hope it went well. He really is a nice guy and a great doctor!

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