"Suffering the Slings and Arrows of Outrageous Fortune"

Justina Update

There is some movement in the Justina Pelletier case – and it seems like that movement might be positive, thank God!

First, as of last night, there are 12 Massachusetts State Representatives supporting a resolution to return Justina to her parents. I expect that number to increase – they are accepting co-sponsors through Monday – and apparently will be in session to discuss the resolution on Wednesday. This is excellent news.  Momentum is growing and people care. I will say that it is about time that the politicians get involved, but, instead of being angry that it took so long, I will just express my gratitude that it is happening at this crucial time.

Second, apparently (and I am just getting this through news reports like everyone else), yesterday Justina finally, after 13 months, saw the GI specialist she originally went to Boston Children’s to see. I don’t know the outcome and I don’t know how or why it happened, but I suspect that it has something to do with the fact that Justina’s port was clearly infected and, because Lou is ignoring the gag order and speaking out about it, they cannot ignore it. Again, that is just my speculation and I could be wrong but something precipitated this new action. SOMEBODY apparently figured out that maybe a consult would be a wise move at this point. If this GI doc is able to see and hopefully treat her, this being the doctor who had treated her for a couple years prior to this debacle and knows her, I think that is probably a very good thing. On the surface it at least sounds positive and we will take any positive movement we can get.

Third, Justina is not being moved to the foster care facility as planned. The facility (wisely, in my opinion) decided they wanted nothing to do with the planned vigil and negative media attention, so she is remaining at the facility where she has been for the last few weeks. While this is not a medical facility, at least she isn’t being traumatized by moving to yet another facility. I think this counts as a positive.

And I would expect that we should continue to cautiously anticipate more progress in the coming days, with new legal counsel and all of the media attention this case is getting. The governor has the ability to end this right now and his office is being inundated with calls. These people cannot be allowed to hide under their desks while Justina fades away.

A good resource is for getting involved is callsforjustina.com. They are organizing and providing numbers that everyone can and should call. There is a campaign tomorrow morning to light up the phones of all Mass. State reps to encourage them to support the resolution to free Justina. Remember, the Pelletiers are not residents of Massachusetts – she is from Connecticut – so this is not just about Mass residents.







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