"Suffering the Slings and Arrows of Outrageous Fortune"

Tomorrow (March 17th)  is a big day in the Justina saga.

The Dr. Phil Show will be featuring the Pelletier family telling Justina’s story on national TV. Check your local listings and watch if you can. Please share this information so we can get this story out in the public and have even more people working to #freejustina. From the reports of people who were at the taping, it sounds like it should be a big help for the family.

Here is the teaser for the show:

Update: The show was definitely a positive for the Pelletiers, I thought. The family seems pleased, anyway, and that is what counts. Here is a clip of the show. When the whole show is available, I will try to share it.

Also, tomorrow is the court hearing to determine Justina’s fate. Yes, we have sat waiting breathlessly too many times now while the can gets kicked down the road by the judge and Justina continues to languish in the custody of DCF, so it is hard to really believe that anything substantial is going to happen tomorrow.

But, there is now a huge public outcry for DCF and Boston Children’s to send Justina home – no foster care, no CT DCF involvement, just home with her family and her own doctors caring for her. At the last hearing, the judge ordered her care transferred back to Tufts, but that apparently has not happened and the family has been told there are no plans in place to return Justina to Connecticut, although that has been the publicly stated goal for some time now.

If you are in the Boston area, consider attending the rally and prayer vigil before the hearing in the afternoon. If you are like me, and are too far away to attend, just hold up the family in your prayers. This ordeal has to end: tomorrow would be a good day for Justina to go home. If that doesn’t happen, the chorus of voices demanding Justina’s release will only get louder.

Remember, what happens tomorrow and what ultimately happens in this case affects all families with chronically ill kids everywhere, because it could be my kid or your kid just as easily as it is Justina…

Update: The judge is going to give his decision sometime this week – by Friday. Ridiculous, but, business as usual in this case. Here is an article about what happened in court today.



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