"Suffering the Slings and Arrows of Outrageous Fortune"

Justina is going home. The judge has finally released her and she is going home. After 16 long months in the custody of Massachusetts DCF, Justina will finally be sleeping in her own bed come Wednesday night.


I usually have words, words and more words… But, today, all I can think is ‘thank God she is finally going home!’

Rev. Patrick Mahoney ‏@revmahoney Why is Justina smiling so big! She just found out she’s going home tomorrow!!! Details to come! #justinaisfreed pic.twitter.com/ZbERlaQmfs


Comments on: "Finally #JustinaisFree" (4)

    • It is great news, isn’t it! I feel like I have been waiting for so long to here that she is going home…but my wait is nothing compared to how long Lou and Linda and Justina herself have been waiting! I am just so glad it is over for them. But, there is much work to do to ensure this doesn’t happen to another child! (But, today we celebrate! 🙂 )

  1. We must no change #freejustina to #keepjustinafree and resolve to make sure that we say with word and deed, never again

    • I agree! I believe there will be huge changes to the system that allowed Justina to be taken. The time is ripe for reform!

      Thanks for commenting!

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