"Suffering the Slings and Arrows of Outrageous Fortune"

Been too long since I posted – been kind of busy with all kinds of things going on. My biggest reason for not posting for a while is that I was on vacation. Hubby and I roamed around his home state of Illinois for a week (I will spare you the photo montage), sentimentally finishing off our trip with watching the fireworks at Stockton so he could revisit his childhood. It was just him and I:  Luke had to work and wouldn’t have wanted to come with even if he didn’t have work.

And Emily stayed home as well, not without a fair amount of anxiety for her and I both. I didn’t post about our worries over our trip beforehand because, while I share a lot here, even I am not stupid enough to advertise that my 15 yo daughter would be staying home without parents for a week. She wasn’t exactly alone – Luke was here to hold down the fort and my parents are two houses down from us…but still, you don’t leave a chronically ill kid home without some trepidation.

Last time we went to Illinois and left Emily home, she jacked up her foot and we had to rush home to take her to the emergency room. And by rush home, I mean trying desperately to shave time off an 8 hour drive (straight through, much longer with needed stops) and, instead,  ending up sitting in traffic for an hour plus on 70 between Indy and home after a horrible accident turned the interstate into a parking lot. Knowing that Em was in pain and waiting for us to get to her. Of course, the ER ended up doing absolutely nothing for her – except the x-ray they took eventually revealed a more serious injury and led to an MRI which indicated RSD. To this day, we still don’t know exactly what the true deal with her foot was but at the time, we just knew it was bad enough for her to tearfully ask us to come home. Bad memories. Anytime I leave the child, something bad happens…

Almost 3 years later, many of the same issues remain in play but she is 3 years older and has a firm diagnosis and things are better. So, I agreed to go and just prayed she would be ok. I worried about her anxiety, I worried if she would remember to take her meds as scheduled, I worried that she wouldn’t sleep and that she would get hurt and… well, you get the idea.

The first leg of our trip, I had no cell phone coverage in our hotel room and had to go out in the parking lot to actually talk to Em and check in with her. The last leg of our trip I had no cell phone coverage at all and could only communicate by FB messages. In the middle of our trip, I had bars and received a tearful call from her that she had found our cat, Neera (not Padme, thank God!), dead. Neera was old and decrepit but I never dreamed she would die on Emily’s watch.

Sigh… stupid, moronic precious, sweet, considerate cat.

So, while I talked to my distraught girl, Andrew called my folks, so Em wouldn’t have to go through explaining it all again, and they went down and buried Neera. Em put a collar on her that Em had made for Padme and gave her a fitting sending off, asking that she be buried next to where we buried Simon, our beloved Pug. (If you really want to know about our animals, you can check out the page on her blog where she has posted pictures. Neera is towards the top, Simon is at the very bottom – there are some shady characters in between who star in a series she is doing for her blog, pay no attention to them!) Sasha was frantic, on top of being depressed because I had abandoned him – that afternoon he had been left down at my parents and knew, in that way that dogs have, that something was terribly wrong. Padme, well, she was disturbed in that way that cats have, which probably means she will be psycho for awhile.

Em messaged me a picture the next day…she had taken Padme out in the back yard on her harness. Padme walked over to where Neera was buried, laid down and refused to move.


At any rate, Em handled it remarkably well, considering. Cast a bit of a pall on our evening and the remainder of the week, but she was a trooper – it really was Neera’s time and we are glad she is in a better place. She was, frankly, a pain in the butt in life so it comes as no surprise that her death was also inconvenient. RIP Neera. We are now a 2 pet family instead of a 4 pet family. 😦

On a happier note…

Our absence allowed Em some independence and she has, rather miraculously, got herself on a better sleeping schedule. She is getting herself up at a better time – still late by normal standards but wonderful for her. She is going to sleep a little better, because she knows her alarm will be going off in the morning. She has taken over responsibility for waking up and taking her morning meds – normally, I go wake her up, give her her meds and she goes back to sleep for a few hours. Now she is taking them on her own. I still worry about it, but I am also happy to see her taking over that responsibility. She only slept through her alarm once while I was gone and took her meds late, so I was really proud of her!

She did her own laundry while I was gone and she cleaned house for me – it was a pleasant surprise to walk in to a much cleaner house than I left. Her anxiety wasn’t as bad as we expected, so that was another pleasant surprise.

All in all, Andrew and I had some needed time away and Emily did very well in our absence. Much better than I expected and even finding her kitty deceased didn’t ruin the progress she made last week.

Hopefully now I can get back to posting regularly. I have a few things going on and a lot to talk about coming up, so stay tuned!


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