"Suffering the Slings and Arrows of Outrageous Fortune"

September Recap

Well, it has been a while since I posted – far too long, and I apologize! So, I guess I will give the usual update on how things have been going since I last posted.

General Grumpiness

My computer is in its death throes, which makes me pretty grumpy. I am pecking this post out on my Kindle and trying to insert photos, which makes me very grumpy. And, my book is on that dying (i am still in denial, so time of death has not officially been called yet) laptop which makes me very VERY grumpy. It is backed up (thank God!!) but I just can’t do anything with it until I have a laptop to work on.  Putting my book on hold * again* makes me beyond grumpy. But, we will get it figured out. Probably isn’t worth fixing, but buying a new laptop isn’t in the budget atm.

So, that explains my absence here – at least partially. And explains the general grumpiness partially as well…

General Busyness

Our homeschool Co-op has started up again and that means being busy. Em is teaching a guitar class and the little kids music time – she has the toddlers and the preschoolers, a couple dozen homemade instruments, a CD  of mindnumbing kids songs and a pair of ear plugs.  She is either crazy or a saint, not sure which – fortunately, the guitar class is kids her own age, so she can make some friends who are more than 5 years old.

And, she is helping me direct a little musical – The Tale of Three Trees. She is doing the music direction because the mom who was supposed to do it ended up having to back out and I certainly can’t do it. Emily got ‘promoted’, ’nuff said.

So, we are working together. It has been nothing but exciting so far and we just got started. Seriously, we are doing fine together. She and I see eye to eye on most everything; we are working with some great ladies and we have some very  talented kids so it’s all good even if there are times when I question my sanity. This kind of thing is like childbirth: you forget how painful it is until you get into it again, then you wonder ‘what was I thinking??’

I would be lying if I said I wasn’t a little worried about how Em will handle the stress. But, she lives for music and I think this will be good for her. More on Em’ s well being in a moment…

The Kitten

Malli[e] (the [e] is silent; a compromise after Em and I vigorously disagreed on how to spell it. I wanted ‘Mallie’, Em wanted ‘Malli’ and said the e could be silent so I stubbornly spell it ‘Malli[e]’ even though it makes this tiny critter sound like a self-important celebrity. Which, I suppose she is in her own tiny little way.)  is doing fine and is the best possible thing for Em. She has settled in wonderfully and is terrorizing our home like only a kitten can.

Padme has, thankfully, accepted her quite well – exceeded our expectations even – and seems to  even be a tad bit fond of her, when Malli[e] isn’t pouncing on Padme’s enticingly swishing tail. We knew Malli[e] had ‘arrived’ when we found Padme curled up with her on the  couch. (I would share a cute picture, but, you know, I have no way at the moment to share it. If I overcome the technological hurdles, I will share it. Until then, you’ll have to use your imagination.)

Malli[e] has adjusted to her new digs and when I say adjusted, I mean she seems to view her entire environment as a 3-D playground and is determined to explore it all with a zeal that is impressive if not exhausting. She is still quite ‘Zen’ but more in the sense that nothing much phases her and she simply does as she pleases. She got over that not-playing-much thing in a hurry.

She also is very, very fond of food. She is fond of her own but is particularly fond of everyone else’s. You’ve heard of defensive driving? Here we do defensive eating. Malli[e] is a charmer but doesn’t rely on her charm to investigate those lovely things called plates and bowls – who needs charm when sheer persistence and deft little paws get you what you want? So, we are constantly trying to keep a curious, ingeniously determined kitten out of our plates, snacks, drinks, etc. (Hmm, that makes it sound like we are constantly eating. Well, we do several eat several times a day and her persistence certainly makes it feel as if we are fighting her off ALL day long.)

I chalk her attentiveness to (read: obsession with) food up to the fact that she probably was very hungry when she was fending for herself outside. Poor little baby, it breaks my heart to think of her going hungry. But not enough for me to share ice cream with her.

Emily and September Don’t Get Along

So, it wouldn’t be September without Em getting injured (it is tradition, it seems) and 2014 is no exception. We were so close to getting through the month unscathed…but, no.

Monday night, she was kneeling on her carpeted floor, pivoted on her knee and heard/ felt a loud pop, ‘ like a rubber band breaking’. Didn’t bother her much until the next day but  it only went down hill from there. She, in her infinite wisdom, neglected to tell me, so the next day when I happened to see her knee looking like this:


… I freaked out a bit. Understandably, don’t you think?

It is a bit swollen but not greatly, probably because she just doesn’t swell. When she dislocated her knee the first time (5 years ago, in, you guessed it, September), or the next 100 times for that matter, she didn’t swell at all. She always bruises her knees when she kneels but that bruise is… unusually spectacular. She says this injury hurts a lot worse than the first big dislocation, so… YAY! And she is asking for ice, which she never does, so I figure she is in bad shape.

If I had to guess, I would say she tore cartilage. But Andrew is concerned about her pateller tendon, so we will see. She is icing and elavating it and generally taking it easy. We are in a holding pattern until we see how she does over the next few days. We will take her straight to the surgeon who has done Andrew’s two latest surgeries if she needs it looked at. He is a good guy and an even better surgeon.

Sadly, there is no point in taking her to the ER or even the doctor right now – they would just take an x-ray, which would be negative, and they would tell us to wait a week and see how she does. (This is not our first rodeo.) If she isn’t better in a few days, we will get her into Dr. B and have him look her over. Surgery is a thing to be avoided if possible, so we just need to hang in there and hope for the best. She may not be able to avoid surgery but we can surely give it a shot!

Right now she is having a lot of pain and is having more and more trouble walking but we need to give it a chance to heal up. This is the part that sucks, as you all know too well. Take her to the doctor or wait and see…Ugh. It is times like this that I am very  thankful for her wheelchair and scooter that have been unused and gathering dust. We just pull them out, dust them off and she can at least get around.

She had been doing pretty well and now this. Frustrating to say the least. No idea what the next couple of weeks hold for us, but I promise I will post again soon. 🙂



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  1. Thank you. you uplifted my spirits. My ankles are in bracesLeft ankle I had surgery on. In

    Jan.2015, the right ankle will have surgery on it. My ankles turn so easily and I end up spraining them. Braces will be forever.

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