"Suffering the Slings and Arrows of Outrageous Fortune"

Knee Update

Em had her MRI on Tuesday – we saw the doctor on Wednesday and got good news… the MRI showed that nothing is torn, so no surgery. He thinks the pop she heard was her patella being dislocated. So, while that explains the bruising, pain and instability, it is obviously long since back in place and now she just needs to heal up. On Wednesday when we saw the doctor, she was still in the wheelchair and in a lot of pain, although she had been able to bear weight on it intermittently over the weekend. Now she is bearing weight even without crutches and is just wearing a brace for stability.

We  were going to do PT, but at this point she is rapidly improving so her dad will probably just work with her at home and that will be good enough. She goes back in 4 weeks for a follow-up but I expect her to be fine by then. I am very, very relieved that we dodged yet another bullet and that she doesn’t have to go through another surgery.


I have mentioned numerous times that we are part of a homeschool co-op that meets on Fridays and I have a couple things I want to mention, things that fall in the category of how things just happen to work out in ways we don’t expect but end up just right…

This won’t surprise anyone but Em is at place where she would just prefer to pretend she is a normal girl most days. At co-op, she has done her level best to pull off that illusion for the first few weeks. With lots of new families who weren’t around when she was really sick, she can sort of pull it off…until, of course, she does her knee and has to have her knee in an immobilizer and use a wheelchair to get around. Inevitably that requires some explanation and I suppose it is good practice for the real world. My observation is that good things come when she is honest and open about her issues – I think she sees that as well, but it is still difficult for her.

The first neat thing that happened the week that she was in her wheelchair is that she made a friend. One of the families at Co-op recently adopted a little guy from India. He speaks enough English to get by but, no doubt, feels set apart as he is adjusting to his new life. Not because he is viewed as anything but a blessing but more so because he has some physical limitations.

I am not sure if his issues are congenital or from an accident, but the bottom line is that he is in a wheelchair, at least for now. So, when he saw Em wheel in, his eyes lit up and he went out of his way to talk to her. He was no longer the only kid in a wheelchair and that had to be special for him. It was special for Emily to know she had made him feel more at ease because she certainly still struggles with the feeling of being different. And he was impressed with the gloves she wears to prevent the wheels from tearing up her hands. 🙂

Sometime blessings come when you least expect them: Em felt so discouraged being in her chair again but she ended up making another child feel less alone. Funny how that works.

The second neat thing that happened is that Em was talking to one of the moms and discovered that this lady, Maria, has a sister with EDS.

That is an It’s a Small World moment on its own, but when we saw her the next week,  Maria said she mentioned to her sister about Emily wanting to connect. The funny thing is, the sister asked if Emily’s mom has a blog because she recognized the details, having been following it. [Waves to Maria’s sister 🙂 ]

It is a small world and EDS isn’t nearly as rare as we have been led to believe, but I am still amazed when we run into this type of thing. We got a good laugh out of the fact that we already had a connection with Maria’s sister and just didn’t know it!

So, while Em being injured is never good, it is always interesting to see what good can come of a bad situation. When it is storming and clouds are all around, you may as well look for the silver lining!






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  1. A fun little silver lining of my own, about having EDS-

    My significant other is part of our college’s academic team, and they had a match this past Saturday. I had to work, so I was unable to attend-the first time I haven’t been able to go to one.

    So the tournament ended, and they all came home, and my SO comes in bursting with excitement and goes “You’ll never believe what happened. There was a question that said something like “A defect in this can cause, yadda yadda, blue sclera, yadda yadda, Ehlers Danlos Syndrome-” and they buzzed in, took a moment to collect their thoughts, and went “Collagen?!”

    So yeah. EDS was mentioned in a college quiz bowl match. When they buzzed in, it was actually early enough in the question that they got bonus points for it, meaning whoever wrote the question thought EDS was rare enough that few people would get it from that. So yeah. My weird DNA gave my SO some bonus points at the tournament!

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