"Suffering the Slings and Arrows of Outrageous Fortune"

I seem to be apologizing for my absence a lot lately – my computer situation makes it challenging for me to post right now. But, there is hope on the horizon – my mother has generously donated to the Let’s Keep Beth Sane Foundation and is loaning us an unused desk top until we can get a new laptop. Now I just need to get it set up and running. (I hope everyone knows the Let’s Keep Beth Sane Foundation is a joke and not a serious request for donations, although, heaven knows, I could use a little help in that area!)

rainbow scroll

Anyway, I will try to catch everyone up on what is going on:

The latest adventure (there is ALWAYS some type of adventure around here) is pretty typical. If September is Em’s month for dislocations, strains, bone contusions, etc, then late fall (October/ November) is her time  have some kind of eye emergency. Last time, a toddler punched her in the eye.

This time, that precious little kitten we so lovingly took in to our home smacked Em in the eye, claws out. Her claw caught Em’s upper eye lid and we worried that her claw went through the eye lid and scratched the eye, because her eye immediately started hurting and watering and her vision was off – she couldn’t focus and her eye was terribly sensitive. Of course, this happened after office hours so we waited out the night to see if it got better and, when it didn’t, called and got an appointment to see a doctor. (Ironically, we were in the same exam room that we were in last eye emergency. Alas, the friendly little puffer fish she made friends with was no longer swimming in the aquarium. She didn’t believe me when I said Nemo rescued him…)

It bears mentioning that her yearly appointment with the ophthalmologist was less than a week before. (The doc we liked moved, so we got a new one – we really like her and she even treats conversion insufficiency, so she is going to give us more info on that.) So, anyway, last week I paid a $40 co-pay to find out her eyes are fine and dandy, 20/20 vision in both eyes.

Then, we get to go back and pay another $40 co-pay less than a week later because the kitten tried to blind her. Fortunately, there was no scratch. But, apparently even the pressure of that tiny kitten paw was enough to cause problems. The tear film was disrupted, her cornea is dry and rough (she already has pretty severe dry eyes) and her vision was noticeably worse. She struggled to read the first line of letters during the exam. But, the good news is that it should heal on its own in a day or two, her vision should go back to normal and she can just increase her use of eye drops until it feels better.  And, it is better today and should continue to improve…

So, in September we shall wrap her in bubble wrap to prevent injury and in October and November she shall wear goggles to protect her eyes.

In other catching up news..

rainbow scroll She saw the GI doc – waste of time and money, but whatever. Half the time I doubt he even knows her diagnosis, but we just carry on. This time, he finally noticed (after multiple visits) that she is on Tramadol and thought it was for abdominal pain. He probably still does, although we did our best to explain it is for joint pain. He vigorously tried to convince us to take her off it, which, frankly, we were not buying. We smiled and nodded until he dropped it.

rainbow scrollSaw neurology for a follow up – spoke with him about Tramadol and he reassured us it is fine. We are increasing her dose of Lyrica because most of the time it is enough but she has enough days of pain that it seems wise to increase it. He is thrilled with her progress and said we don’t have to see him again for a year.

rainbow scrollEm went trick or treating with her bestie. Yes, she is entirely too old to trick or treat but, you know, she is almost 16 and she had never gone without me. When she was 10 and had just dislocated her knee, she was on crutches and I went with her. When she was 11, she was in a wheelchair, very ill and getting worse, so just she and I went to a few houses and that did her in. When she was 12, we went with a group of friends – her in her wheelchair, some of our friends even pushed her. When she was 13, we went with some of the same friends, again, her in her wheelchair. When she was 14, she didn’t go – just stayed home and passed out candy (and tortured the dogs by forcing them to be in costumes).

So, now at 15, she was able to walk with her friend after planning their costumes for weeks: she got to be a normal kid. Yes, that planning included negotiations over what boots would go with the costume but not hurt her feet or knees. Yes, that planning included worrying over whether her costume would be warm enough, then when it was sunny and warm that day (our county does T or T on Sunday afternoon – sounds weird but is actually awesome because it is safe and warm and you can enjoy the kids costumes.) we were concerned she would be too warm. Yes, she planned her meds around the time she would be gone. But, the point is, she experienced normality and that is what mattered in the end.

And, while the girls were clearly ‘too old’ they certainly were not the oldest out that day, at least they actually put time and effort into dressing up, and they were polite: Em reported back that when they noticed people running out of candy, they gave back what they were given and told the people to save it for the little kids.

rainbow scroll We are working hard on the musical we are directing at our homeschool co-op. It is fun and hard work but we are both loving it. It is nice to see her doing something she excels at and loves.


rainbow scroll Malli[e], the snow white, angelic, innocent kitten who came to live with us… Let’s just say she has adjusted well to her new environment and rules it with all the enthusiasm a well fed, well loved kitten can muster. (Which is a lot.) She terrorizes our other pets, Padme and Sasha, who stoically tolerate her. She scratches at Em’s door all night long wanting in to play. She pounces on toes, fingers, computer cursors and letters being typed on the screen – anything that moves or ever thought of moving. She climbs the drapes. She ‘paper toweled’ my kitchen – similar to toilet papering only with a roll of paper towels. Use your imagination. And, then, of course, there is the Great Kitten Vs Eye incident of 2014.

But, she is adorable and part of the family, so we are stuck with and blessed by her simultaneously. I won’t lie, we all look at each other at least dozen times a day and ask, ‘whose idea was it to keep her?’ But, we wouldn’t part with her. Ever. Probably. Most likely…



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  1. Naturally Ashlie said:

    Wishing you and your family an uneventful holiday season! It sounds like you guys have had quite a bit of excitement. ❤

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