"Suffering the Slings and Arrows of Outrageous Fortune"

Well, I am back. Finally. Again. I am finding there are just not quite enough minutes in the day to do all I need to do and my blog has paid the price. I am seriously going to work on posting more regularly, but it seems like right now so much of my time and words are going to my manuscript. Which is as it should be, I suppose but, still…

So, maybe I can do some catch up posts and get back into the swing of things again. So for now, I will play catch up about Em’s birthday (she saw me writing this post and the pictures I was sharing and said ‘Really? You are just NOW writing about my birthday??’ ‘Yes, yes, I am.’) :

Emily is now 16 – and instead of treating you to a post about how impossible it is that my baby is 16 (!), I will take the high road and just talk about her exciting birthday.

She had an Ugly Christmas Sweater party theme – the premise being, I suppose, if your birthday is on December 22, you may as well tap into the holiday fun. So, not actually owning an Ugly Christmas Sweater, she created her own, with felt cut outs of Santa, Rudolf, a snowman and a Christmas tree. Christmasy ribbon and a big red bow turned her sweater into a Christmas present and she sewed pom-poms ALL over it.It was a perfectly adorable Ugly Christmas sweater.


Many of the pom-poms had fallen off by this point… for some reason the ones she put on the sleeves didn’t like being stuffed in her coat. Also, this is her ‘fine-I-will-pose-for-a-picture-but-I-don’t-have-to-like-it’ face.


She decided she wanted to go ice skating with a friend for her birthday. She hasn’t been ice skating for 5 years – when she was still recovering from her bad knee dislocation, she went to a skating party and struggled. A lot. She desperately wanted to skate but she was in so much pain and even with her brace, her knee (well, both knees and everything else by that point) was so unstable. It was a bit heartbreaking and we had no idea then of what we were facing.

But, we are 5 years down the road now. She is ‘better’ and I can’t wrap her in bubble wrap. (I’ve tried. Doesn’t work so well. Not only does she obsessively pop the bubbles, but she would get hurt anyway, so what is the point?) So, with more than a little trepidation we agreed to the skating party. Andrew came along and our usually absent, too-cool-to-be-seen-with-us son joined us. Good thing, too, because I was completely useless on the ice and Em needed help.



She ‘only’ fell 5 times, although she now disputes that number and says it includes her ‘almost’ falls. Her ankles were so weak and she either held someone’s hand or the rail (or both, more often) but she did it. She spent a couple hours, with frequent breaks, ice skating. Honestly, a few years ago, I really didn’t think this was possible.

Oh, she paid for it the next day. And for several days after. (I won’t even talk about how much I paid for it. One fall and I thought I was going to die. Ugh, I don’t even know how Em managed!) But, she is a tough cookie and when she puts her mind to doing something, she somehow succeeds. I think to her, this activity was worth the price she paid to do it and she knew going in there was a price to be paid.

We all had a good time, well…I did until I got up close and personal with the ice. Em and her friend definitely had a blast skating – she has missed out on so much over the past 5 years: skating and hanging out with friends and birthday parties, so it was sort of amazing to have her able to do this. I definitely had my reservations about letting her skate, but, in retrospect, I am glad we did. To forbid such things, when she wants to do them and believes she can, would be to remove not only the chance to determine her own boundaries and limitations but it would also take away some very basic part of life that she should be allowed to experience while she can.



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  1. This post brought a big smile to my “I refuse to give up skating despite risking life and limb” EDS face! Love the sweater, too. I hope those pom-poms had flashing lights! 😉

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