"Suffering the Slings and Arrows of Outrageous Fortune"

I had such great intentions, to post frequently and all that. But, life happens…and this summer has not been particularly awesome. EDS-wise, Em is dealing with the usual crud and some unusual crud (I will talk about that in a subsequent post). And dealing with life’s stresses, which makes everything harder.

I have spoken occasionally here about our involvement with our homeschool co-op. It has been a huge part of our lives since Em was 7 years old. But, we have decided we can no longer be a part of it. The leadership has changed: they have made decisions we cannot live with and they have said and done some pretty hurtful things. So, it is just a new chapter in our lives but it is very painful right now and probably will be for quite a while. Emily was a trooper through the process of making that decision – even though she was upset herself, she comforted me and showed great maturity.

Then, not long after that whole debacle, my husband and I made plans to visit his family for the 4th of July. Emily didn’t go with us – she just isn’t able to travel that far, especially in the heat of summer.

So just like last year she stayed home…[Cue the ominous music…] If you recall, while we were gone last year, our old cat Neera, died and Emily found her. This was a blow for Emily but she dealt with it and moved on.

So, fast forward to this year… a couple days before we left, Padme, Emily’s beloved, old calico cat, the one who ran away in the middle of winter a few years ago and we miraculously found her and nursed her back to health, suddenly got sick. One minute she was fine and the next she wasn’t. I was desperately worried that we were going to have a replay of last year…

We were pretty sure it was just the end for Padme, but were initially hopeful that she might bounce back. She was old and frail. When she seemed to be suffering, we tried (was way harder than it needed to be) to get into the vet so she wouldn’t linger in pain. Before we could get her to the vet, Padme died in Emily’s arms. No vet could have saved her – it was just her time. Padme went one day shy of a year after Neera died. I am extremely thankful that she went before we left and not while Em was alone.

Emily took it very, very hard. Padme was so special to her – she had been there all through Emily’s journey with EDS. From the time she first got sick and was so limited in what she could do. She was there when the diagnosis came and life changed and the pain was bad. She was there after procedures and surgery. She was there during the long, sleepless nights when sleep wouldn’t come and was a friend who gave affection happily. And, now, she is gone. Em has other animals to love but no other animal will ever take Padme’s place.

Emily will be ok, but she will never forget Padme – they were inseparable. She wrote a post on Jailbirdcat about Padme’s death. Some of the details aren’t quite right but she wrote it soon after Padme passed so she was still a bit traumatized. And, she wants to keep the blog going – she is playing with ideas on how to do that – so Padme will be with us for a long time to come there at least.



This was right after we found Padme after she was gone for 6 weeks in the middle of winter. Curled up with Em, her favorite place in the world…

Padme comforting Emily after her appendectomy 3 years ago.

So, that is how our summer is going. There is still some time left for it to improve, but I am not holding my breath!


Comments on: "The Summer of Bleh" (4)

  1. My heart breaks to hear about Padme and the pain from her passing. I’m so glad that Em and Padme had each other, though. What a great duo. Em has a lot of love to give and share — every living thing can benefit from being around her sweet spirit. Gentle hugs, Diana

    • We have tried to focus on the good memories that we have. I usually am the kind of parent who sees lessons in everything but, man, having Padme die in Emily’s arms was not a lesson I wanted her to learn. Our dog and kitten are getting a lot of extra love from her these days. We sort of think Mallie came into our lives for a reason – it would have been awful for Em to have no cat in the house. It doesn’t help that she has all kinds of additional stress from the humans in her life. I am keeping an eye on her because it all seems to be coming all at once. 😦

  2. I’m so sorry for Em and your guy’s lose! The last 6 months have been a nightmare as my EDS and POTS worsen and finding out I have Chiari, plus losing more of my mobility…..my animals (and God) have saved my life! I cannot begin to describe how healing it is to have a pet to love, a friend who accepts you no matter how crummy you feel and look…lol. I know her loss must be awful on her health. I am praying for her and your family.

    • It has been rough – Padme was part of our family since Em was a baby so she really doesn’t even remember life before her. I just could hardly bring myself to post, knowing I would have to write about it. 😦

      I am glad you have animals to love you and make your life easier – they are a blessing. Thanks for the kind words and the prayers!

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