"Suffering the Slings and Arrows of Outrageous Fortune"

Summer is always a bit bittersweet for us: everybody else is vacationing and doing all sorts of fun outdoor activities and Emily is just so limited. But, this summer has been especially hard…

I wrote a post in July about how rotten our summer was and made a prophetic comment that there was time for it to improve but I wasn’t holding my breath. Yeah. Definitely didn’t improve from that point.


                                   RIP Sasha

So, Padme, Emily’s 15 year old cat dying this summer was only the beginning. Our sweet dog, Sasha (who we adopted when our elderly neighbor ended up in a nursing home before she died soon after) was getting older and more frail everyday. He passed away on August 24th. He was okay in the morning, around 1 o’clock he started acting strange and by 3:30 he was gone. In less than 2 months we lost two pets. In just over a year, we lost three. Since 2010, we have lost four – as Emily was getting sicker and sicker in 2010, we had to have our beloved pug, Simon, put to sleep. Pets are mighty hard on the heart, I tell you. Especially for a girl who relies on them for comfort and distraction from pain.

We still have Mallie, the white kitty who ended up on our porch as a tiny kitten last summer. She is both a blessing and a plague. We are thankful that she fills the void of Sasha, Padme, Neera, and Simon but she is sort of the lone survivor right now.  We will probably end up with another pet of some kind or another – all of our pets been in need of us rather than us choosing them  so we will wait for one to fall into our laps.

The other big, rather traumatic change that has come this summer is my 20 year old son has moved to Atlanta for a year long missionary internship. It was rather sudden, for me and Emily, anyway, owing to the fact that he avoided telling me of the possibility as long as possible believing I would freak out. We are proud of him, but it is hard to have him so many hours away for many reasons. Em especially took it hard – she has had so many changes this summer that “losing” her brother is hard to take.

Finally, Emily is facing some serious medical issues that are worrisome. Those details deserve their own post and I will be talking about them soon. And, sadly, probably frequently over the coming months.

At any rate, we are heartily glad to see this summer gone. I would say something like “maybe Autumn will be better” but I refuse to say any such stupid comment considering everything that has happened.

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