"Suffering the Slings and Arrows of Outrageous Fortune"

Em was seen at Urgent Care on March 19th for a ruptured eardrum and treated for an ear infection. She finished out her antibiotics and that ear never really got better.

Late last week, she started complaining that it was really hurting again. So, I looked at it.

(My mom ordered us this otoscope which arrived in time for me to be able to see the rupture after it was confirmed and to be able to see that there was something not right with that ear now. Honestly, I have no idea what I am looking at. I am not a doctor. Don’t want to be a doctor. It all kind of creeps me out. But with the help of the included guide and the internet, I am able to have at least enough of a clue to say we need to head to the doctor. Speaking of which, it is nearly impossible to get in to her ENT, even in an emergency, so he really isn’t very useful at the moment but whatever. Sadly, the Urgent Care staff knows us by sight at this point. We were just there on the 29th because she had dislocated her thumb badly and we weren’t sure if it was back in. Sigh. )

Anyway, I really had no idea what I was seeing but it looked bubbly and yellow, which I assumed was an infection. So I dragged her to Urgent Care Saturday afternoon so they could confirm it indeed was infected and give her more antibiotics. It was another one of those days where she physically wasn’t up to going but she has 3 brain MRIs on Tuesday and we really needed to address her ear before then. So, we went and hopefully this round of antibiotics kicks the problem.

I would just love for someone to explain to me what the heck is going on. This kid never, ever had ear infections as a child. Not once. Not until she was 17. Now, in 6 months she has had 6, including a fungal infection.  2 ruptured ear drums  (at least). What gives? She doesn’t swim, she doesn’t take baths. She is not getting water in her ear from an outside source. Beyond wanting it to stop, I want someone to figure out why it is happening.

She has a follow up appointment with the ENT on the 26th and I am hoping we can make it until then without another trip to Urgent Care. She has more than enough problems to be dealing with right now without this ongoing crap. It is beyond ridiculous at this point.

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  1. I’ve been mulling over this ever since I read it a few days ago. One question that popped into my mind is, “Does Em use / wear headphones?”

    • She does. She hasn’t used ear buds for quite a while now – she just can’t bear them, but she does use sound cancelling headphones since she is so sound sensitive.

      • Aha! I thought that might be the case! (Sound sensitivity / headphones)

      • The problem is, bacteria thrive in warm, humid environments. Ears are already pretty warm and humid. Add headphones (doesn’t matter if it’s earbuds or over-ear headphones), and you’ve blocked the air circulation, ramping up the heat and humidity, allowing the bacteria to multiply like crazy.

        I have this exact problem. If I wear headphones too often (I’m sound sensitive too, and I also wear over ear ones – earbuds give me migraines), I get an ear infection without fail.

        But I fixed the problem by using the tea tree oil mix I mentioned on one of your other posts. I haven’t had an ear infection since.

        xx S.

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