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Mast Cell Questions

Ask mast cell questions here…

MCAS, anti-histamines, food intolerances, etc.

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  1. What supplements and at what dosages would you recommend taking for someone with severe diarrhea due to MCAD, POTS, and gastro issues secondary to EDS? My adult daughter is definitely low in B12 and Iron, but I’m not sure what else was tested. She has a lot of food intolerances.

    • Unfortunately, I don’t have any good suggestions. We have the opposite issue here, so I don’t quite know what to tell you about diarrhea. I do know that if you suspect MCAD, a trial of Zyrtec and Zantac should help the diarrhea – if it is caused by MCAD. Beyond that, I think just avoiding triggers would be the best thing. And that is so hard to do when your triggers keep changing and you don’t know what to avoid day to day!

  2. Kyndle said:

    Would like to communicate with you privately. Our children share many of the same docs. My son has EDS, EoE, Dysautonmia and we are in communications about MCAS and POTS. I am not one to post on message boards or blogs, but your story is similar and it’s hard to find folks with kids with these conditions.

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