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Apocalyptic Anxiety

mayan calendar

If you have not been under a rock, you are probably well aware of the pending end of the world, brought to us by the brilliant Mayans (who somehow could predict the precise end of the world several thousand years in advance but somehow missed predicting the demise of their own culture) and their now legendary calendar. Yup, the world is going to end on the 21st.

Now, when you live with constant, persisting, nagging anxiety, as so many with EDS do, all of this talk of the world ending does not help your state of mind. My child has plenty of anxiety without worrying about an imminent apocalypse but, it is really hard to avoid hearing about it – it is everywhere. And, for us, there is a bit of irony involved that is very personal and requires a special humorous approach, so that my anxious child doesn’t take the doomsday predictions too seriously…

The world is going to end on the 21st… Em’s 14th birthday is on the 22nd. So, I keep telling her that I am going to wait to make sure we survive the 21st before springing for any birthday presents. If we are all still alive, I will dash out the morning of the 22nd and grab presents, wrapping paper and a cake.  No point in bothering before…

She finds this slightly less funny than I do – I think it gets funnier with every repetition. However, I am waiting for her to figure out that she could milk the possibility (albiet very slim possibility) of the world ending before her birthday to demand her presents a couple days early. After all, it would be a crying shame if she missed out on presents if the world ends…

That hasn’t happened yet, but she has decided to join in the joke with her cake. Instead of “Happy Birthday Emily” she wants her cake to say “We are all still alive”, with a Mayan theme.

That’s my girl. 🙂

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