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EDS shoe woes and solutions

Long term readers know that shoes are an ongoing problem for my daughter – and, if you have EDS yourself, you probably have your own shoe woes and know of what I speak personally. I would just give up and let her go barefoot, but the fact that she has been told to wear inserts (which sort of have to be worn WITH shoes) and the fact that winter weather is not conducive to going barefoot makes me push on to find some sort of answer.

After Em’s recent bout with turf toe, I dropped $60 on a GREAT pair of shoes that she proclaimed adequate (that sounds less than enthusiastic but it is a very high shoe rating on this child’s scale, actually) while trying them on in the store. We had high hopes that these shoes would solve all of her problems and bring peace on earth – or, at least, that she would wear them once in a while.

Sadly, peace on earth is slightly more likely than Em wearing shoes – she wore this particular pair a few times before tearfully stating they were killing her feet and surreptitiously shoving them under the bed. With cooler weather arriving, I gave up and got her a pair of slipper boots to wear in lieu of flips flops – they are cute but hardly give the kind of support she needs (the winter equivalent of flip flops).

However, today she found a blog that shared instructions on how to lace running shoes for various foot issues – a narrow or wide foot, a high instep, a heel that slips out, a too-tight feeling shoe and so on. She got the discarded shoes and laced them per the high instep instructions… and said it helped. She actually tried them with the inserts and it is doable – which is better than impossible. She likes the shoes much better without the inserts but who knows, if world peace is unreachable at this time, maybe she will still be able to train herself to wear the inserts. ‘Course she has to train herself to wear shoes first, but at least we are getting somewhere with this lacing technique. She actually wore the newly laced shoes for nearly half an hour before ripping them off in a fit of ‘I hate shoes’, so that is progress!

Anyway, she said I had to share the blog with these instructions with you all, knowing many of you probably have similar issues. Click here if you would like to check it out! Em highly recommends it. Here is a pic of the shoes laced for a high instep:

You may note the irony of the fact that Em was willing to take a picture of the shoes laced, but not willing to actually WEAR them for a picture. But, still, every little bit helps so this is a good thing.

Continuing with the EDS foot theme – here is another possible solution: Strutz. Em has given this product a try and really likes them. Obviously, the fact that she can wear them without the dreaded shoes is a huge plus as far as she is concerned but she can certainly wear them with shoes (the new lacing technique makes this more likely!). If I have to choose between her going barefoot and flat footed or barefoot with a little support, well, I will choose the support. She said it immediately helped her back and reduced her pain overall. The one downside that I can see is that they will probably wear out pretty quickly, but, we will deal with that. I got them at Walmart for $10 – I felt like it was worth the risk at that price and, so far, it has been a great investment – she has actually worn them frequently, so I call that a success! That she can wear them with her flip flops is icing on the cake.

Hopefully you find these tidbits helpful!

Do you have any helpful hints in making wearing shoes less torturous?

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